Hall Government


Sets the agenda, facilitates meetings, supports other executives. Also meets weekly with the Hall Government Advisor and twice a month with the RHA Vice President of Internal Affairs. Our presidents facilitate the ideas from our community. If a Hall government is effectively run, those ideas will be executed, Student Staff will feel more connected to their residents, and communities will flourish.

Leadership Representative

Supports the president and presides in their absence and takes minutes of all meetings. Our Vice Presidents are responsible for the electronic advertising within Hall Government. This ensures people come and engage with one-another at events within your communities. When the President is absent, the Vice President leads Hall Government meetings to make sure events still happen.

Treasurer (RHA Finance Representative)

Manages the Hall Government budget and keeps accurate financial records. Attends and votes at the weekly RHA finance meetings and RHA General Council meetings in the LLC Performance Hall on Wednesdays at 5 P.M. and 6 P.M. respectively. Treasurer’s play an extremely important role in our communities. Our treasurers work directly on matters concerning the RHA budget. This means our treasurers are the advisors as to how RHA should spend its money and how we want to allocate that money within the community.

Programming Coordinator

Responsible for planning three hall-wide programs every term including one educational program and two social programs. They are also responsible for one service program for their hall in the school year they were elected. Works closely with the Vice President to promote and create Hall Government programs. They also help facilitate ideas from residents not in hall government, and making them a reality for the Res Hall.

RHA Representative

Our RHA Representatives will attend weekly General Council meetings every Wednesday. At these meetings, they will vote on policies that affect all residents including student staff. An example of this is the TV policy where RHA created a proposal that housing accepted. Because of this, there are TVs in every residence hall.   The RHA Representative gets to represent their Hall and community by being a voting member in General Council. Lastly, the RHA Representative assists the planning of leadership events on campus to foster new leaders in our communities, such as yourself.

Events and Activities Representative

Liaison between RHA and Hall government. Attends the Event and Activities meetings at 6 P.M. on Tuesdays to plan RHA campus programs. Ensures attendance and knowledge about RHA campus wide programs.

National Communications Representative

Relays information at the national level to the residents in the form of a newsletter. They also play an active role in writing bids – which will be presented at conferences – as well as programs – which will also be presented at conferences. And finally the National Communications Rep will be in charge of making sure each hall government has been writing OTMs.

Hall Senators

Hall Senators have the ability to represent their floor or wing within Hall Government. They have power within Hall Government to represent the views of their individual wing or floor. They also have voting rights when it comes to funding requests in the halls and have the means to form committees if they they see the need to; however the formation of a committee requires to be voted on by the Hall Government.

Hall Government Budget and Info


$4 per resident (for example, 500 residents would equal $2000)

Term of Office

Fall, winter, and spring term of the whole academic school year

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