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Submit an Online Funding Request

  1. Fill out the Funding Request Form. Please use as much detail as possible. It is extremely important that you include the exact amount of money you are requesting and what other organizations (Hall funds, Hall Government, etc.) you are requesting/have gotten money from. Also, include who the program is for and how it benefits them.
  2. Submit the form by 5:00 P.M. on the Sunday before the meeting you hope to present at in order to be put on the Finance Committee’s agenda.
  3. Attend the following Wednesday’s finance meeting at 5:00 P.M. in LLC North Room 123.  It is imperative that you attend this. If you cannot attend yourself, please send a representative from your program. If there are any questions regarding your program, someone will need to be there to answer them.

Important Constitutional information:

  • Funding requests over $300 will be tabled and discussed by Hall Governments.
  • Funding requests under $300 may be tabled at the discretion of the RHA Funding Committee.
  • Funding requests with more than $200 from groups not affiliated with University Housing shall be automatically tabled for 1 week.
  • Groups not affiliated with University Housing can only request, AT MOST, 50% of their total budget from RHA.
  • The Finance Committee’s voting body consists of 1 vote from each hall.
  • RHA Finance Committee reserves the right to limit funding, or amend any funding, request in the course of the meeting. Reception of RHA funds requires the receiving group to abide by any amendment or other stipulation approved by RHA.
  • RHA shall require a full after action report from the organization or group that receives funding no later than three weeks after the project’s completion. These reports can be found here.

Request Form

Name of Organization and/or Individuals:
Name of Project:
Responsible Individual:
Date of Request:
Project Description: (How many people? How Long? Who is invited? Date? Location? Source of Idea? Etc?)

Total Cost of Project:
Total Amount Requested from RHA:
Housing Account number or UO Index Number:
Account Name:
Cost Breakdown / Alternate Funding (Sources & Contributions) Include where you will use RHA funding:

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