Finance Committee

Headed by the RHA Administration Coordinator, the committee reviews all funding requests and budget proposals to make recommendations for the general council on how to vote on financial decisions (in the form of a slate). The committee also hears group requesting funds from RHA.


Wednesdays at 5 P.M. in LLC North 123.

Who works on the Committee

The Treasurer (RHA Finance Representative) from each Hall Government.


How this committee serves students

The Finance Committee makes recommendations on how to properly allocate the student social fees that residents pay. This money goes towards improvements in the residence halls and programs that benefit the residence life experience.

Term of Office

Fall to Spring term – a year long commitment!

Official Responsibilities

  • Shall handle Hall Government budget and keep records of finances.
  • Shall attend RHA finance meetings, which will take place on Wednesdays at 5 P.M.
  • Shall vote during finance meetings, as Hall Government would prefer.
  • Shall additionally vote during RHA General Council meetings.

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