National Communications Committee

National Communications Committee

Headed by the RHA National Communications Coordinator, the purpose for this committee is to assist the NCC during conference preparation, which involves getting spirit items ready and making sure delegates are in the know. They also contribute with writing bids and programs – as well as making sure each Hall Government is writing OTMs (Of The Months).


Every other Fridays at 3:30 P.M. in the RHA/NRHH office.

 Who works on the Committee

The National Communications Committee representatives from each Hall Government.

How this committee serves students

The National Communications Committee update residents on what’s going on at the PACURH and NACURH level.

Term of office

Fall to Spring term – a year long commitment!

Official Responsibilities

  • Shall make sure Hall Governments are writing OTMs.
  • Shall create and manage the RHA Newsletter.
  • Shall have a voting position in RHA General Council.