The Committees

The Residence Hall Association has various committees in place to provide an effective organization that is continually adapting to better serve the on campus community. These various committees are a great resource to reach out to if residents have questions or concerns regarding Resident Life.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is headed by the National Communications Coordinator. This committee is in charge of creating the RHA Newsletter that is sent out to residents. The main purpose of this committee is to aid the National Communications Coordinator in keep an national connection with other universities.

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee is headed by the RHA Administration Coordinator and includes the Finance Representatives from each Hall Governement. The committee reviews all funding requests and budget proposals. They make recommendations to the general council on how to vote on financial decisions (in the form of a slate). The Committee also hear out groups requesting funds from RHA.

Events & Activities Representative Committee

The Events and Activities Representative Committee is responsible for putting on a system-wide programming in the residence halls. They also plan advertisements and RHA promotional campaigns. The committee is chaired by the RHA Events and Activities Coordinator and includes the Events and Activities Representatives from each Hall Government.

Leadership Committee


The Leadership Committee is headed by the RHA Leadership Coordinator. This committee plans leadership retreats, conferences, and in-services for the residents with the help of the Leadership Coordinator from the National Residence Hall Honorary and the RHA Leadership Representatives from each Hall Government.

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