RHA Forms

Here is a list of forms necessary for various actions:

Funding Request
Funding requests go to the RHA Finance Committee. If the request passes, then it is to be voted on again at General Council. The process for funding slates is that if the requested amount surpasses the dollar value of $300 then the voting process takes two full weeks to be voted on, so make sure to send in a funding request as soon as possible.

After Action Report
After Action Reports are required to be sent in to RHA after every event that RHA sponsors. It serves as the dual purpose of allowing RHA to get an idea of how the event went, as well as a reflection for the ones who initially planned the event.

Program Evaluation Form
RHA urges participants of RHA sponsored programs to submit a programming report. It’s a form that provides us with input from attendees of the program and your insight helps us to make better ones. If you plan to submit a form, please do so within 7 days after the program.