Example Of The Month Nomination

Executive Board Member Of The Month, August 2005

Nominee: Todd Mann
Nominator: Amy Higdon

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination:
Todd Mann is currently starting his second year as President of University of Oregon’s Residence Hall Association. In the month of August 2005 Todd has advocated for residents to help change our Area Desk Movie policy, worked to change our current meal point system to a rollover plan, completely reformatted our RHA’s website (adding new content to every page), and is in the process of creating a President’s Council, which would give all complex presidents a place to share ideas and improve their governments. Until this summer, our Area Desk movie policy gouged residents and hurt Housing’s image because of the negative feedback resulting from unfair guidelines. After a committee was formed and research was done, Todd met with Housing officials to discuss the policy and was able to change the wording of the checkout documents so that it was clearly articulated to residents what the fines were, made sure that students were not charged more than the movie was worth, reduced the late fee from five to three dollars per day, and instituted a grace period.

Currently, our housing meal plans work on weekly intervals. Every Sunday, each resident receives their allotted meal points and every Saturday at midnight the remainder is taken away. As Todd saw it, there were four problems with this: one, there was always a rush in the dining facilities on Saturdays to spend remaining points; two, the facilities were very crowded all day and night on Saturday; three, the behavior issues that resident assistants, housing staff, and dining staff had to deal with increased on Saturday nights, due in part to an increased number of people; and four, if students did not get in to the dining facilities before midnight on Saturday or if they forgot to use all their points, they lost points that they had paid for. In August, Todd starting meeting with Dining Services to propose solutions for the problem the residents would be facing again come Fall term. Throughout these discussions, Todd and Dining Services are moving toward instituting a rollover plan starting Winter term that would be popular for residents and practical for Housing, eliminating Saturday rushes and hopefully decreasing behavior issues and problems for all of housing staff.

Also in August Todd revamped our website, making it easier to navigate and more appealing to freshmen. He spent hours reformatting each page to ensure continuity throughout the site and writing full-page descriptions for each leadership opportunity in RHA. He also took the time to seek out each complex director to create detailed complex government pages that outlined additional leadership opportunities within each complex.

Lastly, Todd furthered his efforts to create a lasting Presidents’ Council. This group was created to provide an open environment for Presidents to discuss each others’ respective complex governments and how to improve them. The Council is a great resource for Presidents looking for an arena to discuss their thoughts and/or issues. Creating this, Todd is increasing communication between student government on a complex-wide and system-wide level.

Throughout the month of August, Todd has shown not only his dedication to our residence halls, but has gone above and beyond what his position asked of him. He has combined two years of knowledge and experience to improve every resident’s life. This month has helped shape Todd’s attitude towards Housing from an adversarial approach to one of cooperation and support.

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