Week 9

Global Scholars Hall Government—Meeting Minutes for 22 November 2016

Presiding Officer: Tova Kruss Minutes: Doug Sam Meeting

Started at 8:10PM

Executive Board Updates Tova Kruss, Events and Activities Representative o EAR Kruss advocated for all members present to like the RHA Facebook page. o Upcoming activities for future terms include the Drag Show, Poetry Slam, Karaoke. o On the 29 Nov., there will be the Cake Study Break in the Great Room, featuring make-your-own stress balls. o On the 1 Dec., there is the white elephant/ice cream social for GSH and the Carson Winter Feastival. Advisor Updates RLC Brittany Nefcy o On 12 Dec., at 11 PM is Pancake Night at the GSH Demo Kitchen. There is no charge and lots of toppings. Funding Requests GSH White Elephant Party and Ice Cream Social o Sen. from 3C acting as proxy for Guthrie Stafford, Programming Coordinator. o Request was tabled last week for $250. o Approved in a 14-0-1 vote. 4C Hot Chocolate o Resident from 4C representing RA Camas Rudicel requesting $50 for buying hot chocolate and whipped cream from Market of Choice for a floor event on 27 Nov. o Approved in 14-0-1 vote. 5C Movie Memeathon o Sen. from 5C requesting $45 for buying snacks at Fred Meyers for a floor event wherein meme-worthy movies would be screened in the 5C lounge on 3 Dec. at 6PM. Titles TBA. o Approved in 14-0-1 vote. 4N Ramen Bar and Cookie Decorating Party. o Sen. from 4N requesting $80 to buy supplies for a floor event.  $40 would be spent at Sunrise Asian Market for supplies for a Ramen Bar.  $40 at Fred Meyers for a similar purpose and to buy supplies for decorating cookies. o Approved in a 14-0-1 vote. 3N Thanksgiving event. o Res. from 3N requesting $50 for a floor meal for ~4 residents staying for the thanksgiving break at a restaurant TBD. o Approved in a 16-0-1 vote.1 3N Sushi Outing o Res. from 3N requesting an indeterminate amount for a floor outing to get sushi. o RLC Nefcy raised concerns about not having a sushi restaurant that takes POs. A suggestion was made to explore having Fresh make the sushi. o Sens. questioned the intentions of the outing and the details of the program in benefiting as many residents as possible. o Tabled for next meeting pending more details. Open Forum RLC Nefcy reminded all present to please return purchase orders to her office. Sen. from 3C asked for volunteers to meet after the meeting to plan the white elephant and ice cream socials. Meeting Adjourned at 8:39PM 1 Additional votes came from residents who had by now arrived and therefore did not affect vote counts in previous requests.

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