Week 10

Hamilton East Hall Government


Meeting Minutes


Start time: 8:01

Quorum: Spiller (yes), Robbins (yes), Cedar (no), Burgess (no), Collier (yes)

Attendance: 11



EAR Updates

-Cake study break happened today 11/29 and served over 340 pieces of cake

-Slam Poetry night Feb. 2nd. Location not determined.

-Hamilton Pancake breakfast from 11/30 10am-12am


White Elephant Party

-Decorations are made!

-Need to finalize food plans (what kind of pizza, where to get the pizza)

-Dec 2nd 6-8pm

-Needs Event Evaluation Form still


Hat and Scarf Drive

-Just finished.

-Collier Hall won!

-Needs Event Evaluation Form still


Study Night

-Posters are up!

-Dec. 3rd 2-5pm

-TED Talk on managing stress

-Getting some snacks

-Needs Event Evaluation Form still


Event Forecasting

-Monthly Trivia Night

-Menstrual hygiene care package

-Eugene “Grassroots” garden volunteering

-Possible Study Night

-No Talent Night

-Random Skills workshop

-Glow stick party

-Palentine’s Day


Delta: Not representation from all halls

Plus: Very productive, more organized


End time: 8:42


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