Week 9

Carson Hall Government Minutes

November 22, 2016

Start Time: 8:04 pm

Quorum: 2, 4 Attendance: 6

Introduction Question:

-If you could describe yourself as a National Park, which one would you be?

Gen Council Update:

-Finance Rep: new res hall is being built right now, they are in need of name suggestions from people who have contributed to the university.: Lewis; Clark; Grove; Hazel; SFH Sword Fern Hall

-Names are harder to approve for buildings

-Leadership Rep: Cake Study Break info & Winter Dinner in Carson


-Hopefully will happen week 10

-RHA rep, events cord., and programs cord. Are available

Zero Waste Program:

-will have to push next term because they aren’t available

-sex ed will be our second educational event to make up for not having one this term


-stress reliever from studying for finals

Student Announcement:

-Make cards in HERO for custodial staff before winter break!

General Updates from community:

-Hamilton All You Can Eat Pancakes next Wednesday

-Free energy drinks and pizza in Ford Center next week.


-When can people buy books back? Next week in Duck Store.

-How are you advertising for elections?

-flyers are in all floors

-have Jazz send out an email to everyone

Deltas and Plusses:






End Time: 8:22 pm

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