Week 9

Barnhart Hall Government

Meeting Minutes


Start Time: 8:00

End Time: 9:10


Exec Board:    Jozef-5





Andrew- 7

Senators:         Grace-3

Conner- 7


Movie Night 11/20/16 was a success! Posters were everywhere. 45-55 people showed up.

Most people took pizza and left, but it was still a great turn out for the people that stayed.

NRHH is on Mondays at 6pm at Earl 151

Capital improvement ideas: (self driven)

McKenzie: “We should update the furniture to be more cozy so it is more like a home and

less like a prison.” “new vacuums”

Grace: “maybe more furniture?”

Nela: “art contest for Barnhart”

Andrew: “we could commission people ”

Lillie: “we could paint the cement” “the stains make me sad” “BarnArt Show with

submissions by students”

*Grace: “Small improvement to entertainment: a Wii and games like Mario kart, new

pool Q’s, more ping-pong equipment,  ”

Vote to cancel hall gov for the week of November 29th and the week of the 6th: 7-0: We will be

back on January 10th 2017

Get more people to come to hall gov on tuesdays next term.

Events and Activities coordinator:

Cake Study Break 11/29/16 GSH great Room at 6:30pm

RHA Rep:

Names and Ideas for the new hall behind GSH: Musk, Hall theme of trees, hall themes of color,

Martin Luther King Jr, hall theme of flowers, Gandhi, Monroe, Marie Curie,

PACURR at USC happened.

RHA Finance Rep:

Leadership Rep:

Cake study break 11/29/16 at GSH Great Room at 6:30pm

Winter Leadership Retreat 2/3/17-2/5/17 sign up ASAP

Carson Winter Dinner 12/1/16


Delta: Nobody listened to Fallon about writing the not so good things about the meeting. Not as many senators have been showing up.


Plus: Good meeting with a fun intro game. “Barnhart cares. Come care with us” – Lillie. Barnhart Fam. is solid.


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