Week 9

Hamilton East Hall Government


Meeting Minutes


Start time: 8:02

Quorum: Spiller (yes), Robbins (yes), Cedar (yes), Burgess (no), Collier (yes)

Attendance: 7



RHA Update

-PACURH 2016 Leadership Conference, will be hosted here next year

-Common Grounds hours changing to 1pm-2am next year

-Feb. 3rd-5th Winter Leadership Retreat

-Nov. 29th Cake Study Break 6:30-8 in the GSH Great Room


EAR Update

-Feb. 2nd   7-9:30 Poetry Slam

-Speed Friending


Study Night

-December 3rd 2-5pm

-Poster making Monday at 2:30pm

-Possible video or other educational aspect


Hat and Scarf Drive

-Nov. 16th-29th

-Posters are up

-Ice Cream reward for hall that collect the most goods


White Elephant Party

-Posters and Fliers are up

-Dec. 2nd 6-8pm

-$5 maximum

-Pizza and Cookies will be ordered the day of


Event Forecasting for next term

-Palentine’s party




Delta: Cramming events into the last few weeks

Plus: Clear Communication, and representation from Collier


End time: 8:38


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