Week 3

Meeting Minutes



Present: Cloran, Mcclain, Boynton, Tingle, Watson


  • East and West are here
  • Haunted House

Ideas: Dollhouse, Chernobyl, Saw, Zombies, Childhood Memories Ruined, Cabin in the Woods, Old Fables, Hall of Mirrors, Fairytales Gone Wrong

Top 3: Fairytales, Chernobyl, Dollhouse

Winner: Fairytales Gone Wrong

-Weekend before halloween, 28th/29th of October 7-8ish to 11ish

-Need advertising, actors,


*East Leaves and now onto Ham West specifically*


  • Ham West Expectations of Gov
    • Professional, productive, efficient, unbounded ambition
    • Open, accountability, conflict resolution, communication
  • Enhancement Projects
    • Showerheads were voted to be the first priority
    • Budget was made, and a date to start will be decided upon at a future meeting
    • Every other shower head
    • Two every floor
    • This is being tabled


  • Events
    • Halloween Events
      • Zombie Run, Midnight Zombie Tag, Costume Contest
      • Supporters of it
      • Thursday, 27th for Costume Contest, 9pm
      • Judges, ask RA’s
      • Food there? Sugar Cookies and Icing, Pizza
      • Prize for winner? Dough Co, Tracktown, Hirons gift basket, (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) $40 (divide into 20, 13, 7)
      • Hayward Field for Zombie Tag, Lumpy Lawn (depends on weather), basement plan B
      • 9 pm on Thursday on the 20th Wednesday the 26th
      • Hallowweek : Costume Contest, Midnight Zombie Run, and Haunted House all in the same week
      • Use of blacklight there
    • Monthly Birthdays
      • Have cut-outs of balloons, inform people of birthday’s
      • First week november for October, and follows
      • Decorate your own balloon
      • In individual lounge
      • Get graphic designers to make the balloons look good
      • Have people meet at the HERO to get decorations
      • November 3rd celebrate at 8pm
      • November 2nd, meet at 8 for decorating
      • Get cupcakes, and plates
      • Make an announcement/flyer for birthdays
      • Budget for birthdays: $50 for food and drinks
      • Lounge and sign up sheet


  • For future events
    • Make subcommittees, mixed senators and official
  • HamWest Netflix
    • 5 accounts
    • One for every lounge
    • Make movie nights easier
    • Move the TV downstairs, have the remote in the service center


  • Get one smart TV for basement (November project)
  • Rep Reports
    • To keep people informed and what goes on
    • At the end of each weekly hall gov meeting
    • Keep senators informed\



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