Week 8

Quorum: 17 reps & 3 RAs


  • Question of the day: What song are you currently obsessed with?


  • Kyle presents PACURH
    • The Regional Leadership Conference
      • Meants to help develop student leaders and encourage spirit students
      • Hundreds of delegates from schools all over the region
      • Mean to pass legislation affecting the region as well as vote on bids
    • Hosted at the University of Southern California
    • What was the schedule like?
      • Different for general delegates, bid team, voting representatives
      • Delegate got to enjoy programs, leadership development
        • One programs was the Friendzone about how deep disclosures can build trust among strangers
      • Bid team also got to enjoy programs
      • I missed the other parts. 🙁 I couldn’t type fast enough
    • What is RBD?
      • Regional Board of Directors are the group of seven individuals elected by voting representatives at Regional Business Conference to govern the region (plus an advisor)
    • Program of the Year
      • Fight Night by LMU
      • UP Awareness Week
    • PACURH 2017
      • Bid to host by Erika Goto and Justin Hanes
      • WE WON
      • There will be HUNDREDs of people on campus around this time again next year
    • Awards we won
      • BID TO HOST PACURH 2017
      • Justin Hanes’ program was in the top 10 best presented
      • Kyle Steinhauer won committee participation, OTM nominee
    • What’s Next?
      • No Frills 2017 Regional Business Conference
      • Winter term
      • Hosted at the University of Pacific in California
      • NACURH in Purdue University in Indiana
  • Nikola talks about dining
    • Need a large group of people to come next meeting
    • Subway doesn’t take campus cash
    • Student workers’ meals
      • Room and Board fees pay for their meal’s so people thought it was fair for them to pay $3 for 5 points
    • Late night Carson and Common Grounds
      • Hours changed because the higher ups wanted to advertise EMU
      • Carson late night may not be coming back because there is Falling Sky
      • Common Grounds, however, may be coming back!
        • Hours are still being debated
    • UO dining does not set EMU’s hours
      • Those are the vendor’s choices
        • Vendors are thinking about discounts during the night
    • Meal plans are altering again
      • One plan is Carson all day
        • Can’t go anywhere else, but you can go to Carson any time of the day and however many times you want
    • Housing is trying to make Room and Board reflects the off campus marketing
      • Hoping to lower the cost a $1,000 each year
        • Other factors are also lowering costs
    • Some charges for gluten free food isn’t fair
      • Why charge an extra point for people who have dietary restrictions?
        • Shouldn’t need to be charged!
      • Also, the size of the food should also be considered

Funding Request

  • None


Exe. Board

  • Kyle (NRHH)
    • Sign up for Thanksgiving’s dinner!
      • 7 meals points right now because they’re under 150 people
        • Over 150 people will be 10 points
      • Go because the dining halls will  be closed!
        • 7 PM on Wednesday will be the last day of dining and opens back on the 28th
  • Andrei
    • Cake Study Break
      • November 29th at 6:30 PM in GSH great room
  • Danny
    • Next week, there will be no General Council
      • Not during finals either!
      • Maybe during dead week
    • Housing Advisory Board is the three week of every month on Friday
      • If anyone is available this Friday at 9:05 AM, please let Danny know
    • Foreshadowing for next term, there will be a Parli-pro will be enforced
      • Exclusive language next term!
  • Kathy
    • Dates for WLR is confirmed, so I’m turning in the Student Survival Guide Advertisement
  • Luc
    • PACURH was awesome
    • Great idea for a great program!
    • Fill out the Thanksgiving information on the DASH
    • Also sign up the NRHH’s Thanksgiving dinner
  • Lucia
    • Dates confirmed for the Winter Leadership Retreat
      • February 3-5
      • Transportation is still in works
      • Sign ups will start on Winter term


  • Not here 🙁
  • Heather is here instead!
    • She thanks all the proxy for being here today
    • Trying to promote this online platform called calendar.uoregon.edu
      • Upload your events!
      • Can tag your hall of all halls
      • Anyone can see them
      • Also uploads to the Dash
        • Dash is also connected to a Facebook page
    • She was wondering if anyone knows events requirements
      • 2 socials and 1 educational
      • Service events
      • What happens will you don’t meet the requirement?
        • “You just do better next term.” LOLOLOLOL
        • Fall term is more relaxed
          • Plan more events next term!

Open Form

  • Connor moved to open form
    • Peter seconded
  • Nate
    • Doesn’t know what it’s going to look like, he would like us all to notice activities towards certain disabilities in our committees
      • Put on events for them!
  • Nikola
    • Ducks after Dark
      • Thursday is last night of Jason Born
      • 8:15 scavenger hunt all over the EMU
    • Paws on Campus
    • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Connor
    • 1:1 have started again
      • Sign up!
    • NRHH on Mondays at 6 in Straub 151
      • Looking for more people
    • Holden center is having a service for MLK
      • Competition between halls to get the most people to go
        • Winner received a plat. within their halls
  • Andrei
    • Holiday season, Amazon has a sale on Nerf
      • Shoots at 100 fpf
  • Kathy
    • Names for buildings
      • Send them to your RHA’s Executive Board committee leader
  • Dou
    • GSH is planning a murder event (GAME) and other large scale events!
  • Danny moves to take a picture after GC
    • Mark dissents that but Kyle seconds it
      • Mark resends his dissent
  • Peter moved to adjourn the meeting
    • Mark seconds it

Hall Gov. Updates


  • This Sunday is movie night
    • 2 movies!
    • Pizza, hot chocolate, and snacks
    • “Thanksgiving is actually happening first” – Luc


  • Zero Waste Programs is coming in sometime
  • Safe and Sex Supplies are cheap
    • Condoms in every lounge!


  • Zero Waste Program is also happening here
  • Focusing on re-elections


  • Sunday night before finals week from 5 – 10
    • Pizza for business studying
  • Next term, Zero Waste and possibly food bank

Global Scholars Hall

  • No updates

Hamilton East

  • “We got nothing.” – Mark

Hamilton West

  • Birthday party after Thanksgiving break
  • Zero Waste is coming

Living Learning Center

  • Events are being pushed back to next term because of time constraint
  • Candy canes on people’s doors with motivation notes

Walton North

  • Zero Waste Program is happening
  • Open night pancake night November 21
    • Open to everyone!

Walton South

  • Pie eating contest
    • Gift cards for the Duck Store
    • Cherry, blueberry, and pumpkin
      • Mark wants apple pie
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