Week 7

Quorum: 17 reps and 3 RAs

  • Ham. West. and Carson’s RHA rep are not present (May be their second time …)


  • Question of the day: What was the best prank that you played on someone?
    • For those who weren’t here, you missed out on a great conversation. (;


  • Zero Waste
    • Residence Hall Zero Waste (RHZWE)
      • Covers
        • Zero Waste Philosophy
        • History on Campus
        • What is and isn’t recyclable
      • Basically a program with fun activities to learn about waste
        • Game is the sorting competition
          • A variety of samples that are tricky and you have to place them into the right recycling bin
          • Winners receive a gift certificate
    • Hall Gov. is required to plan an educational program, so this is a $100 program that your respective hall can throw
      • You just pay for this and they will plan out everything
      • Advertise PRIZES AND PIZZA
      • Can be scheduled on the weekend
      • Contact cimmeron@uoregon.edu
        • Need a week heads up
        • Flexible

Funding Request

  • Tanya DePass
    • Leading video game scholar
      • I need diverse games
      • Racial genders and minorities into video games
    • Coming November 30th
      • Ticket was already bought
      • Place is to be determined
      • 80-100 people
      • Advertising campus wide with posters
    • Discussions?
      • Halloween, the elections, the first transgendered person in a sorority (WOO LEXI!)
    • Lexi will send another email out to confirmed everything
    • $300 to cover cost
      • Discussion:
        • What she will be talking about is equal representation in video games
          • Women, minorities, LGBTQIA
          • Being inclusive
        • We have a lot of money left in the account
      • Mark moved to vote
        • Abby seconded
      • VOTE: 20/0/0
        • Passed


Exe. Board

  • Kyle (NRHH)
      • Wednesday November 23rd at 7 PM – 9 PM
      • 7 points for the first 150 people
        • Past will be 10 points
        • Sign up on the DASH
          • Ends November 16th
      • Fantastic opportunity
  • Andrei
    • Cake study break on December 1
      • Might be moved if it conflicts with Carson’s winter dinner
  • Danny
    • President cabinet is starting on its first initiative
      • Restocking the service center
      • Replacing items that are on bad conditions
        • Pool sticks
  • Kathy
    • Winter Leadership Retreat on the Student Survival Guide
    • Winter Feastival at Carson on the 1st of December
      • YUMMY FOOD!
  • Luc
    • PACURH is this Friday
      • No committee meeting for RHA Reps
        • Still needs help
        • Meeting at 5 tomorrow in the HERO instead
        • Please send an email if you’re not coming
    • Fill out the Thanksgiving thing on the DASH
  • Lucia
    • Oregon Leadership Conference
      • Handful of people came and they had a lot of fun
    • Winter Leadership Retreat
      • Weekend for camping
        • Leaving Friday afternoon/evening
        • Probably two different vans (12 people max)
          • Sketchy white vans with tinted windows
        • Friday and Saturday night and coming back on Sunday
      • At Drift Creek camp but dates will be determined later
      • Staying in lodges, but Lucia will ask about bringing your own tents
      • Doesn’t count as a weekend away for RAs
      • Favoring first year students, but anyone is welcomed
      • 3 hours away
        • There will be stops
      • If you have your own car, you have to fill out complicated paperworks
        • It’s just more work if you drive, so join us in the van instead


  • Not here 🙁

Open Form

  • The new residence hall is going to be open and operating in Fall 2017
    • Need names for the building and wings
      • Dead people’s name are easier to pass
      • Doesn’t have to be a name, it could be a theme like LLC or GSH
      • Doesn’t need to be anyone who is affiliated with the school
  • Andrei has been having a really crappy day, so he hopes everyone has a great night
    • Mark came to give him a hug
  • Connor moved to adjourned
    • Lillie seconded

Hall Gov. Updates


  • Christmas movie night on the 20th
    • It’s going to be awesome


  • Safe sex supplies are being provided throughout the halls


  • There will be a community meeting for all the floors on Carson because a group was cussing out one hall 🙁
    • Should happen before Thanksgiving break
    • Don’t know who the people are or if they live in Carson


  • Nothing

Global Scholars Hall

  • There is a debate for an educational event
    • Teams and prizes for winners
    • This weekend at Saturday

Hamilton East

  • Drive to collect hats and scarfs
    • Hygiene necessities
    • There will be posters and bins for donations
      • Hall with the most donations will win a prize

Hamilton West

  • Hall Gov. is falling apart
    • Victoria is working on building it up again.
    • Go girl! <3

Living Learning Center

  • Right now, there’s a Doctor Fisher behind Ducks for star gazing
    • On the LLC Courtyard

Walton North

  • Still working on the open night pancake night

Walton South

  • Currently on the best deal for pies for the eating contest
    • More than 22
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