Week 6

Quorum: 20 reps & 3 RAs


  • Question of the day: What fictional or nonfictional character best represents you and why?


  • Kevin Lance and another girl … Sorry, didn’t catch your name
    • An app that delivers food for residents
      • App is called Joy Run
      • Safe way for students to receive food
      • Pay only over the app
        • Can obtain your money back if it’s not something you ordered
      • Person delivering must have a Facebook so that the internal people can track them down if anything happens
      • Nothing has changed from last year
      • Business hours are from Monday – Friday are 4 AM – 12 PM and Saturday – Sunday are 10 AM – 12 PM
        • However, there is a marketing team that may deliver during off hours
    • Bought SWAG items for GC
      • Bottle opener and other things
  • Michael Griffel
    • Director of University of Housing
    • Next Tuesday night, election day
      • Straub 154 from 7 – 9
      • Create a safe and civil environment no matter who wins
      • Treat each other with respect and dignity
      • Asking for feedback on how to keep campus a safe place
        • Poster that has everything that says to help everyone stay comfortable and respectful
        • RHA will announce these things before watching the election
    • Food
      • Labor issue
        • Students who work in dining services, and full time employees, receive discount for their meals since they work there
          • Discount ranges from place to place
          • Before, it used to be free, but now, they’re thinking 75% off
            • Then it went to $1
            • January 1st will go up to $3
        • Essential question, how much residential money should go into the cost of food?
          • Hours on campus?
      • GC’s feedback
        • Mark believes that 9 PM is too early
          • He also feels that 11k for room and board should allow him to go out and eat after 9
        • Alex believes that midnight is good for Common Grounds
        • Connor recognizes the need to save money, but if you’re living in Barnhart, there are no options after 8 PM
          • Many people agreed
        • Kevin says that $50 of campus cash is not enough
          • Kathy mentions not to increase campus cash
            • She also says that the EMU is nice, but people don’t want to spend money if they have meal points
          • Kevin also advocates to not increase campus cash
          • Students are paying more this year and not receiving enough food because of the hours
        • Jordan says that most of the options in the EMU are not healthy
        • Peter agrees that Grab and Go should be open until midnight or 1 for snacks
        • Andrei proposes that some places should close like how Fire N’ Spice is
          • Sacrifice some variety for accessibility
          • Better than not having food during late hours
        • Abby has to drive her friends from Barnhart to campus because they don’t have anywhere to go during the night
          • They don’t feel safe walking around
        • Other Alex comments that 50% off food is more than reasonable
        • Victoria is considering health reasons
          • She has to eat 6 times a day and 2 of them are after 8 PM
          • She is lucky enough to obtain her food, but she knows most people are not as fortunate
        • Mark moves onto the next item on the agenda
          • Peter seconds it
        • All of this effort is to lower room and board rates next year

Funding Request

  • NONE


Exe. Board

  • Kyle (NRHH)
    • Going to PACURH
    • Homecoming cart was great
    • Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday November 23 at 7 PM –  9:30 PM in GSH great room
      • 7 points for those who are staying in Eugene
        • First 150 students
  • Andrei
    • Speed friending was great
      • 40 people
      • Bubbles
    • Watch party on Saturday at 4
      • First watch party was a success, the second party was not
        • Not sure if watch parties will continue
          • This Saturday will be a test
          • If no one comes, watch parties will probably end
    • Cake Study break is happening during dead week
      • December 1st on Thursday
  • Danny
    • On the Dash, fill out when you’re leaving for Thanksgiving
  • Kathy
    • Nothing
  • Luc
    • PACURH is taking place next weekend
    • Delegation is getting together this Sunday for spirit week
  • Lucia
    • This weekend is the Oregon Leadership Conference
      • 10 AM in GSH 117
      • Value exchange, common reading panel (more)
      • Lunch is build your own sandwich
      • Open to everyone
    • Elections Watch Party is next Tuesday night
      • Straub 154 from 7 – 9
      • Snacks and pizza


  • Thanksgiving break means resident halls don’t close
    • Fill out on the dash!
    • Dining is not open on Thursday night through Sunday morning
  • November 15, info session for being an RA
  • December for the link in RA for 2017-2018 will be live in some point
    • Located in OrgSync
      • orgsync.uoregon.edu
  • Residents hall close down for winter break on December 9th at 7 PM
  • Email mhardej@uoregon.edu to be in food discussing group

Open Form

  • Mark moves to adjourn the meeting
    • Abby seconds it and resends it
  • Kevin has JoyRun SWAG to give out
  • Lillie move to adjourn the meeting and McKenzie seconds it

Hall Gov. Updates


  • Planning a Christmas movie watch party
    • There will be pizza and hot chocolate and decorations
    • Elf is number one
  • Pajamas movie night
    • Not sure when yet from probably from 6 PM – 11 PM


  • Halloween was a huge success
    • 10 boxes of pizzas was gone in 10 minutes
    • About 40 people came


  • Halloween party could improve
    • Maybe 20 people
  • Day about condoms and birth control


  • Election watch party
  • Thinking about packing food?

Global Scholars Hall

  • Zumba is every Sunday
    • People who go really like it
  • White elephant/ugly sweater idea

Hamilton East

  • Haunted House was great
    • About 250 people showed up
  • Craft night is Friday the 11th from 6 – 9
    • Specifically for just them
  • Warm clothing and hygiene items drive

Hamilton West

  • Won Homecoming parade
  • Halloween was fun
  • Starting to plan game night on December 1 (Thursday)
    • Board and video
  • Tomorrow is their monthly birthday party at 9
    • Someone will let you in

Living Learning Center

  • This week Dr. Fisher is going to  observe stars and moon on the LLC courtyard
  • Have an open door policy advising
  • Karaoke night is in the works
    • Either Friday or Saturday
  • Stanford home game watch party
    • For people who can’t obtain tickets

Walton North

  • Halloween party was also a success
    • About 40 people
  • Open mic pancake night is coming soon

Walton South

  • Scheming new activities
    • Pie eating contesting week before Thanksgiving
    • Study session during dead week
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