Week 5

Quorum: 19 reps & 3 RAs


  • Question of the day: What is your ideal meal?


  • Connor (RA last year)
    • Writes for the Emerald and represent student groups
    • RHA is his first story
    • Wants to know how you all feel about it
      • Alex joined RHA to have a say in how Housing runs
      • Jordan joined for his resume
      • Abby joined and loves everyone
      • Lillie joined because she wanted to wear her onesie
      • Kevin joined because his roommates dragged him and he loves it
      • Elizabeth joined because her old school didn’t do a good job
      • ckwiecien@dailyemerald.com
        • Send him an email so he knows why you’re involved in RHA
  • Leah (Director of Marketing)
    • landrews@uoregon.edu
    • Working on a thank you video
      • Video to convey how much effort is put into Housing behind the scenes
      • Hoping to post during Thanksgiving
        • The only time where staffs are allowed time off for a workshop
      • Hoping to partner with RHA to put it together
      • Started with dining but wants to expands to custodial staff and more
      • Convenient way is to go to the halls and connect with the residences
      • housocial@uoregon.edu
    • UO Brochures
      • Need more photos of students in lounges and rooms
        • Also interactions!
      • Feedback of the videos
        • Photos and videos of the empty rooms were amazing
          • Better than the diagrams on the website
          • Likes to show off every complex building
        • People also liked the time lapse video with someone unpacking


  • Vote: 20/0/2
    • Year long items are now passed
    • Mark seconded

Funding Slate

  • Vote: 22/0/0
    • Both funding requests passes
    • Mark seconded
  • (Has to vote on both requests at once)


Exe. Board

  • Kyle (NRHH)
    • Last meetings were about updating the Constitution
    • Social media costume contest on Facebook
    • Will have a float and he is riding shotgun

  • Andrei
    • Tomorrow is speed friend at 7 pm in GSH Great Room
      • Got a super cool orange cloth
      • Also got a semi circle dom? thing and bouncy balls
    • Cake Study Break on the first of December
    • Committee is also thinking of tie dye day

  • Danny
    • Homecoming parade on Friday
      • 2 – 5 is decorating
        • Pretty short
    • Expects all of us to call 911 if y’all think someone has alcohol poisoning
      • If you feel uncomfortable, call RA on call
      • Responsible action procedure if you are calling on the behalf of a friend
        • Will not be documented, just reported as a good role model basically

  • Kathy
    • T-shirts

  • Luc
    • PACURH will be great
      • Will be tons of pictures
      • Hopefully we will win our only bid
    • Update newsletters and hall gov. events!

  • Lucia
    • Oregon Leadership Conference
      • November 5th 10 am – 2 pm
      • Four programs (all leadership related)
      • Build your own sandwich lunch
      • Not formal
    • Election Watch Party
      • Not sure where, but it’s from 7 – 9 pm


  • “Bring your A game” (golf carts)
  • Trying to get the actual residents number
  • UCTC is looking for models as well
    • Will email everyone
    • University Counseling and Testing Center

Open Form

  • Canceling Hall Gov. for one week (Nov. 8th) for Elections day
    • Abby moved to vote and Mark seconded
    • VOTE: 18/1/3
      • Moved to suspend the Constitution for Nov. 8th passed

Hall Gov. Updates


  • Pumpkin carving was a success
  • Said they will win actually (TENSION IS GOING DOWN)


  • Halloween Carnival in lieu of Halloween Party
    • Will be a dance and movie party (separately)
    • 6 – 8 tomorrow night


  • Halloween party and costume contest on Saturday night
  • Said they will have best cart for homecoming


  • Community time this week
  • Going to help decorate homecoming
  • Holding a debate elections

Global Scholars Hall

  • Nothing

Hamilton East

  • Yield to redundancy

Hamilton West

  • Zombie laser tag tonight at 9 PM
  • Costume contest tomorrow
    • MORE TENSION (they said they had better prizes)

Living Learning Center

  • Trick or Treating
  • Win will golf cart (TENSION RISES)

Walton North

  • Halloween party from 7 – 10 in their basement
    • Local DJ coming
      • DJ for his high school
    • Dance parties and lights
    • Costume party
      • Laundry cards
  • November 3rd
    • LGBTQ+ moving screening

Walton South

  • Ice cream social was great
    • About 60 people went
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