Week 4

October 19, 2016

Quorum: 19 reps & 4 RAs


  • Question of the day: Head of a human and the body of an animal, what animal would you pick?
  • Parliamentary Procedures
    • Conditions that need to be met
      • Minutes will be sent out (Kathy)
      • Quorum (Kathy)
      • Counting votes (Andrei and Lucia)
      • Timer/speaker list (Luc)
    • Motions
      • Move to amend
        • Prose to change wording
      • Move to adjourn
        • End the meeting
      • Move to committee
        • Allow a specific committee to assemble
      • Move to recess/caucus
        • Take a break or talk things over with reps
      • Move to vote
        • Vote on what’s currently on the floor
      • Move to discussion
        • Discuss about what’s on the floor
      • Move to table
        • Take what’s on the floor and vote on it next week
      • Move to exhaust the speakers list
        • No more people can talk
      • Move to extend time
        • Speaker requests more time for a topic
    • Point of
      • Point of order
        • Reference the agenda
      • Point of clarification
        • Answers a question
      • Point of information
        • Raise a question
      • Point of personal privilege
        • Request for a condition
    • Yield
      • Yield to redundancy
        • Skip speaker due to an already addressed topic
      • Yield to questions
        • Floor is now open for questions
      • Yield to the floor
        • Floor is not accepting motions
      • Yield to the next speaker
        • Transition to the next speaker on the list
    • Questions about Parliamentary Procedures
      • To get onto the speaker list
        • Raise your plaque
        • There are primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary categories
          • Gives a chance for those who haven’t spoken yet
        • If there is a different topic, the list will be cleared

Funding Request

  • Mike Hardej for the Election Watch Party
    • Presidential elections!
    • Tuesday night from 7 – 9
      • Conflicts with Hall Gov.
        • Should we cancel Hall Gov., or should we continue and add the elections into Hall Gov.?
    • Questions and Answers
      • Point of Information: What is the watch party for?
        • There will be news coverage
          • On going news
        • No need to say point of information in discussion
      • The room hasn’t been decided yet
        • Possibly EMU
      • Can we reschedule Hall Gov.?
        • Probably not since it is built into our Constitution
      • Will be open for the entire campus
      • Food will be provided (pizza)
      • Have this been done before?
        • There have been debates, but not sure about elections since it’s four years ago
      • When is the debate?
        • November 8, 2016
    • Discussion
      • There have been tons of people in GSH in the lounge watching it anyways
        • About 20 – 30 people come
      • Have the potential to shape decades to come
        • Very significant
      • Hall Gov. should individual choose whether or not the want Hall Gov. and RHA should host the event anyway
      • Lounge in Walton North would switch channels between Donald, Hillary, and baseball
      • Time has been extended for 5 more minutes
        • Vote on whether or not to extend time
        • Vote: 5/15/3
          • Declined to extend the time
      • Vote on whether or not to host the party
        • Vote: 21/0/1
          • There will be the election party
      • GO BACK TO HALL GOV. AND ASK IF THEY WANT TO let Hall Gov. decide whether they want to have Hall Gov. or not


  • Kathy
    • Haven’t gotten the residents yet (Oct 11th is the most recent)
    • $4 for fall, $3 for winter, $for spring
    • Fall = $72,000
    • Line items = for specific things to spend money on
      • Office supplies
      • Programs
      • Advertising
    • RHA programs
      • Andreis budget
    • Res hall support
      • Programs for housing related activities
      • RHA sponsored = non university housing
    • Capital
      • $31,000
    • Questions & Answers
      • Are the finance rep allowed to obtain this information?
        • No
        • They will received how much money they have in their individual hall
      • Allocation is the budget that we used money for the first four weeks
        • About $4,000 left
      • Hall Gov. would use money for their events in their Hall Gov.
        • Not RHA funds
      • Dux in Tux
        • A social formal
        • Kind of like a school dance
        • Catering
        • Pay points to get in
          • Last year was 7 points
        • During winter term
      • Ham Stock
        • Hamilton Governments usually put this event on
          • Talk to Hall Gov. about it being a line item
        • Humpy Lumpy Lawn
    • Discussion
      • Discussion was ended
    • Tabled for a week


  • Figs asking $500 for Hip Hop Jam event
    • Amended to $225
    • Charlie Tuna of Jurassic 5 (rapper) is coming
    • EMU Ballroom
      • Free food
    • About 350 people came
  • Top 40 Zumba
    • Sunday at 7:30 in the GSH Great room
    • Open to all residential and non-residential students
    • 9 classes per term so $675
      • If there’s a 10th, Brittany will figure out the budget herself
  • Questions and Answers
    • None
  • Discussion
    • Both events were exciting
    • GSH Top 40 is asking for the entire money
    • Tabling both funding slate for next week since it’s over $200 and $300
      • Vote: 22/0/0
        • Student leader left


Exe. Board

  • Kyle (NRHH)
    • Write OTMs
    • Mondays at 6 PM in Straub 151 for meetings
  • Andrei
    • Rock climbing tomorrow at 8 PM in the REC
    • Speed friending on the 27th
    • Watch party this Friday at 7:30
      • LLC Performance Hall
  • Danny
    • October 28 (Next Friday)
      • Homecoming event
      • Every Hall will receive a gold cart
        • RLC will drive the cart
        • There is one seat for another person
        • 2-4 is decorating the golf cart
        • Theme is up to you!
        • Use supplies in the Hero
  • Kathy
    • Take pictures of the entire Hall Gov.
  • Luc
    • Emailed out the newsletter events and Hall Gov. events
  • Lucia
    • Oregon Leadership Retreat
      • GSH 117
    • Elections Watch Party
      • November 8th from 7 – 9 pm in the EMU crater lake room
      • Pizza provided


  • Anyone can help out to decorate the gold cart
    • Been doing this for 5 years
    • Winning float wins a trophy
      • Earl won last year
  • Hall updates
    • Doesn’t matter if it’s only for your hall

Open Form

  • GSH student leaders wants to make sure that every events is inclusive!
  • NRHH on mondays at 6 PM in Straub 151

Hall Gov. Updates


  • Pumpkin carving


  • October 27 at 3
    • There will be a Halloween party
      • Polaroid!
      • Pumpkin painting
      • Dance party
      • Food
      • Will probably be open to the entire campus


  • Costume contest


  • Pumpkin decorating

Global Scholars Hall

Hamilton East

  • Haunted House
    • On Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend
    • Sign up to help!
  • Drive for warm winter clothing and socks

Hamilton West

  • Costume contest

Living Learning Center

  • Trick or treating event
  • Scary movie in the lounge (coming soon …)

Walton North

  • Halloween party
    • Not open to everyone, but they’re not going to shoo people away
    • There will be a DJ

Walton South

  • Working on the ice cream social
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