Week 3

October 12, 2016

First General Council Meeting

Quorum: 19 REPs and 4 student leaders


  • Normally, real meeting procedures are in the form of Parli Pro
    • Will be informal for the first few meetings
  • Question of the day: If you had to replace your own head with another animal’s head, which animal would you choose?



  • Hall Governments are basically the base of RHA.


  • National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH)
  • Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls
    • Region wide


  • Sister organization of RHA
    • Provides services for residents
    • More valued focus
      • Such as leadership

Voting rights

  • If you miss two meetings, that person will lose their voting rights for the entire term
    • Resets every term for voting rights of each hall

Funding Request

  • How it works
    • They present and then there is a questions and answers session for the presenter
    • Discussion is next for the entire council
      • Presenters leave the room
  • LLC Housing Service Center has requested for the 2 past years for Halloween Candy
    • VOTE
      • Approves: 23
      • Opposes: 0
      • Abstains: 0
    • $100
    • Will provide during the weekends and weekday if there are still leftover
      • Four service center locations
        • LLC, GSH, Barnhart, and Hamilton
      • Divides candy by how much traffic there is
    • When people visit the HSC, they can take one piece of candy
      • A sign will say “Hosted by RHA peeps”
    • Any money that they don’t use is given back to us

Hot Seat

  • One person is answering questions that anyone can ask


Exe. Board

  • NRHH
    • Three upcoming events
      • Thanksgiving Break Feast, Halloween Costume Contest, Anatomy of Orgasim
    • Weekly meetings at Mondays at 6 PM at Straub 151
  • Luc
    • PACURH (conference) is coming up!
    • Friday at 3:30 in RHA office for RHA rep meetings
  • Kathy
    • Committees and Hall Gov. pictures
      • Email to kto3@uoregon.edu
  • Danny
    • Catalyst training on Saturday at 9:30-4:30 in GSH Great Room 123
      • Lunch and snacks will be provided
      • All elected exes.
    • Housing Advisory Board
      • Meeting with Director of Housing
      • Need a first year rep
    • President’s cabinet
      • If anyone is interested, go talk to Danny
  • Andrei
    • Rock climbing event at the REC on the 20th of October from 8 – 9:30
      • Bilade? certification
      • FREE! so you don’t have to pay money for actual classes
  • Lucia
    • Oregon Leadership Conference on November 5 (Saturday) from 10 – 1:30
      • GSH 117
      • Food provided
      • Learning leadership and communication skills
      • There will be a panel of students, RLC, faculty member for the common reading
      • 3rd annual year


  • Hall Gov. should also be taking quorum
  • Petition committee
    • Reviews all petition that is within their housing contract
    • Need a student representative! (Not student leaders)

Open Form

  • LLC is organizing a meeting to go to the volleyball game together
  • Hamilton came up with the Haunted House team (Fairy Tales gone wrong)
    • Can be any cartoons with dead things
      • EX: Sleeping beauty isn’t sleeping, she’s dead
    • 28 and 29 of October from 7-11 in Hamilton basement
      • Subject to change (time)
  • How did people get others to come to Hall Gov?
    • RLC bribed them with pizza
    • Earl is thinking about heading to the HERO and making things for each person’s room to meet other people
      • Hamilton who ran for positions went around the halls and announced that they were going to Hall Gov.
  • Midnight Zombie tag at about 10 pm
  • Costume Contest is at 9 on the 23?
  • Ice cream and cookie social event is being planned
  • Halloween party for the actual night of Halloween
    • Trying to figure out how to obtain pumpkins for Walton North
        • Carving pumpkins kits are okay (need to sign waivers)
    • Disco balls and lights will be hooked up in the basement
  • Pumpkin themed event at Barnhart!
    • RIP: only for Barnhart residents

No updates for Hall Gov.

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