Week 8

Carson Hall Government Minutes

November 15, 2016

Start Time: 8:03 pm

Quorum: 2, 3, 5 Attendance: 10

Introduction Question:

-Hot or Cold weather and why?

Gen Council Update:

-there will be a video game talk with LGBTQ


-Re-Elections will be held Week 10

-Positions open are Program Coord., Events and Activities Rep. and RHA Rep.

-Any people interested running will let board members know

Possible Educational Event:

-Zero Waste Program during week 10

-They bring pizza and a person to tell us about it

-$100 to have them come

-VOTE!: YES:10 NO:0 NA:0

Service Center:

-Are there items that are not in the Service Center?


President’s Cabinet:

-Another involvement opportunity for RHA students to join

-they meet once a week and do different events and it is low key

-good way to get involved especially if you want to be an RA

2 Week Outlook:

-Next week we will a more low-key meeting.

-Week after will be re-elections

Whiteboards for announcements:

-A cased white/cork board on each floor

-We will do research and bring back next week

General Updates from community:

-RA applications are opening soon

-Info session for RA in EMU on Thursday at 7:30-8pm

-Come to general council tomorrow!!! 6pm LLC performance hall


-Gingerbread house making???? 2nd social event for the term!!!!!

Deltas and Plusses:



-3 floors came


-short meeting


-More people

-Hold meetings in different lounges possibly start next term


End Time: 8:32 pm

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