Week 8

Walton South



Quorum/Attendance: Sweester. Clark, Adams (Miles, CJ, Jacob, Gabe, Mariah, Angus, Alex)

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?



Presidential Cabinet meeting:

what do you want to see in the service desk?

Anything: Recommendation box??

Can update movies list, sports equipment, games, etc.

Going to be fixing the bike racks around campus

Leadership committee:

Personal projects coming up!


Pie eating contest:

Prices: 5 in pie $5.99 8-9in pie $9.99 from Market of Choice


8 in for competition and 5 in to hand out:

Buy both sizes: 2, buy just 8in: 1, buy just 5 in 4

Gift card for winner:

$45 total: $20, $15, $10 for our winners: unanimous

Types of Pies and how many:

30 pies: 10 Cherry, 10 berry, 10 pumpkin: unanimous

Budget for event: $250


Buy whipped cream

Miles is calling for the order, Gabe is picking up on Sunday

Basement for venue

Posters in the halls, Quinn also sending out an email.

Quinn may or not be there for the event.

Poster of time trials, timer with phone.

Email to winners to pick up in Quinn’s office.

Multiple competitions, individual timing

Hands behind their back

Planned date: November 20th, 2016. 4pm-5pm


Toilet seat covers provided for halls?

-not going to pursue

Shower heads:

Bid through RHA to make capital improvements.

Fill out forms

Present to the treasury

Present to the RHA

Attendance for next week: will not have quorum, Mariah and CJ will be gone.

Attendance for dead week: will meet next week.

Dead week: study nights and treats in lounge.



Focus on bigger picture for events

Next term: be more proactive about events


A lot of good conversation

END TIME: 8:52pm

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