Week 8

15 November 2016

Living-Learning Center

Start Time: 7:59

Finish Time: 8:45

Attendance: 16

1.   Question of the Day

A.     If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

2.   Voting on 11/01/16 Minutes

A.     Votes in favor: 16

B.     Votes not in favor: 0

C.      Votes abstained: 0

3.   Football watch party

A.     No longer happening

B.     Basketball watch party?

                 i.          Big away game

1.    Plan for winter term!!!

                ii.          All in favor – 16

              iii.          All not in favor – 0

4.   End of term event

A.     Not a ton of time

B.     Candy canes on doors w/ good luck notes for finals

                 i.          Votes in favor – 15

                ii.          Votes abstained – 1

C.      Promoting RHA events

5.   Paintballing!!!!!

A.     Beginning of term – 10

B.     End of term – 5

6.   Open forum

A.     RHA Rep

                 i.          Director of housing

1.    Dining hall times

                ii.          Cake study break – dead week

              iii.          Thanksgiving dinner over thanksgiving break or students

              iv.          Guest speaker – video games, etc.

                v.          Winter leadership retreat – February

B.     Finance Rep

                 i.          Buy food before Wednesday night! Food will be closed!

                ii.          Funds

1.    LLC Funds are at about $1,000

C.      3rd floor North holiday decorations

                 i.          $250 for holiday decorating

1.    cut budget or coordinate with other floors?

2.    11 – in favor of budget

3.    2 – not in favor

4.    3 – abstained

D.     Bryer

                 i.          BIGGER posters

                ii.          DIGITAL posters

              iii.          Karaoke night – push back to winter term

1.    16 – in favor

2.    0 – not in favor

E.      EnJolí

                 i.          Make a calendar

                ii.          DON’T wait till last minute to plan and advertise

              iii.          Think about budget and where our money is going

1.    Block Party?

7.   Candy Canes

A.     $150 budget

                 i.          all in favor – 16

                ii.          not in favor – 0

8.   ACtion items

A.     Candy cane – Alicia

9.   Delta Plus

A.     Good discussions

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