Week 8

Bean Hall Gov 11/15

Attendance: Sarah, Kimberly, Allison, Ethan, Kergis, Jackson, Jeremy, Gabby, Kim

Start Time: 8:00


Exec Updates;

Leadership; 6-8pm Tuesday Puppies

Events; Gingerbread house possibly, cake study break

RHA; zero waste, speaker got $300 to talk about diversity, thanksgiving feast, leadership trip

Financial; GSH mac n cheese night nov 20th 6-8 $35 all said yes. Inspecting service centers


Advisor Updates

Election stuff

Regional Leadership Conference; put a big for conference and next year in nov approved


Senator Updates;

Cookie decorating went well. Newsletter in bathroom stalls


Condom Bowls;

Supplies – some free, some bought

Bowls from Hirons in lounges

Accomplished by two meetings

Jeremy’s project.

Budget; $40 (for bowls)


Event Ideas

Yoga – Sunday, next term

Zero Waste – $100 for food vote; all of them Sunday (Jackson emails)

Snapchat – next meeting

Christmas lights? Holiday Decorations – Gabby, Sarah

White Elephant – YES!




End Time: 8:45


End Time:





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