Week Six

November 1, 2016

Living-Learning Center

Start time: 8:03

Finish Time: 8:36

Attendance: 12

1.   Question of the day

A.     What did you do on Halloweekend?

2.   Voting on 10/25/16 minutes

A.     Votes in favor: 12

B.     Votes not in favor: 0

C.      Votes abstained: 0

3.   DR. Fisher – educational event

A.     Telescopes behind DUX (Astrology event)

                 i.          “Flash mob” advertisement

B.     Night time photography class

                 i.          Check out cameras from CNET, BYOC (bring your own camera)

C.      Advising sessions at DUX

D.     Evening office hours in DUX

                 i.          General advising

4.   Voting on fishers events

A.     Educational event

                 i.          Advising: 12 for, 0 opposed

1.    Thursday 10th, Thursday 17th 4-6pm

B.     Fun educational event

                 i.          Telescopes

1.    12 for, 0 oppposed

5.   open forum

A.     RHA

                 i.          Housing wants students to sign up for photography

                ii.          Eugene emerald wants students to submit stories of how they got involved

              iii.          Budget passed J

              iv.          OLC is Saturday

                v.          Protest the times that dining halls close

B.     Finance

                 i.          Cake study break!!!!

C.      Halloween trick or treating

                 i.          We need better advertising

D.     Karaoke NIGHT

                 i.          November 18th, 2016

                ii.          NEED COMMITTEE

              iii.          Posters on EVERY floor & DUX

6.   Action Items

A.     Posters for social media – Kegan


A.     Fast meetings are great J

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