Week Four

October 18, 2016

Living-learning center

Start time: 7:59

Finish time: 8:48

Attendance: 16

1.   Introductions

A.     Question of the day: What is your Halloween costume?

2.   Voting on 10/11/16 MINUTES

A.     16 votes in favor

B.     0 votes not in favor

3.   Trick or treating

A.     Move time from 7-9 to 5-7 because of “Get Explicit”

B.     Run movies during and after trick or treating to extend event

C.      Committee- need at least 4

                 i.          Poll floors

                ii.          Help with set up (performance hall)

              iii.          Talking to RAs

              iv.          Dress up

D.     Budget for candy

                 i.          410 residents in LLC

4.   Community Service with FSL

A.     Make A Difference Day

B.     Reach out to FSL

5.   AWAY game watch parties

A.     Not good turn out

B.     Small committee?


                 i.          In favor: 14

                ii.          Not in favor: 2

D.     Stanford game watch party (11/12)

                 i.          In favor: 15

                ii.          Not in favor: 1

6.   COmmittee updates

A.     RHA, Finance, Leadership, EAC, President, RLC

                 i.          Service Center candy for residents

1.    $100 total

                ii.          Thanksgiving dinner, Halloween costume contest anatomy of orgasm

              iii.          Haunted House in Hamilton East Basement

              iv.          Tone Policing

1.    Don’t put others down in any way

                v.          Budget proposals

1.    Different floors in LLC

2.    Each floor gets funding, less finding than hall gov.

              vi.          Performance hall is hard to reserve- need contingency plan for scary movies

             vii.          As you become aware of events, advertise them!!

           viii.          Bidding to host PACR regional conference 2017

              ix.          Scott Fisher collaboration with hall gov. to host events

1.    LLC Faculty Fellow

                x.          Homecoming Parade

1.    Hall Golf Carts

2.    October 28 or 29

3.    Committee of 3-5 people

7.    Actions

A.     Trick or Treating committee

B.     Home game watch party committee

C.      Homecoming float committee

8.   Delta plus

A.     Continue to develop the meeting procedure


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