Week Five

October 25, 2016

Living-Learning Center

STArt time: 8:00

Finish time: 8:54

Attendance: 17

1.   introductions

A.     Question of the day: Homecoming float ideas

                 i.          Mario kart (12), UP(11), Haunted(1), then vs. now (ducks)(3), outer space (2), Luau(1), Safari

                ii.          Mario Kart (12), UP (3)

              iii.          MARIO KART THEME

2.   Voting on 10/18/16 minutes

A.     Votes in favor: 16

B.     Votes not in favor: 0

3.   Potential Events List

A.     Fall Events

B.     Karaoke Party – Friday, November 18th

C.      Committee- lead by Bryer

4.   Educational Event

A.     Dr. Fisher

5.   Committee updates

A.     Halloween

                 i.          Sunday 5-7

                ii.          No movies

              iii.          Colored wristbands

              iv.          Budget cuts for candy

                v.          Vote on candy:

1.    300- 0

2.    150 -13

3.    100 – 4

B.     Away Game Watch Party

                 i.          Food- Thai food, Chinese food, Qdoba

                ii.          Need committee

              iii.          Need to get performance hall or alternative

C.      Homecoming Committee

                 i.          FRIDAY

                ii.          RA’ s are picking up Golf Carts

1.    Decorate 2-4

2.    Drive over at 4-5

3.    Parade starts at 5

6.   OPen forum

A.     Extra money to decorate North 3rd floor for Halloween

                 i.          $75

                ii.          Vote on budget

1.    Vote in favor -16

2.    Vote not in favor- 2

7.   Action items

A.     Halloween candy volunteers

B.     Watch party committee helpers needed

C.      Social Media Committee

8.   Delta Plus

A.     Inclusive language

B.     Let people know what they have to do to get involved

C.      Posters to advertise when/where gov. meetings are

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