Week Six

Barnhart Hall Government

Meeting Minutes


Start Time: 8:06

End Time:


Exec Board:    Jozef-5





Senators:         Jocelyn -3






10/28/16 Parade went really well. We didn’t win, but was a good group effort.

No Hall gov. Next week 11/8/18

Take down old event posters.

Ideas/Requests from senators:

Snapchat filter for Barnhart.

More homey and comfy lounge areas: Area rugs, lamps, etc..

Create a committee possibly on 11/22/16

New Vacuums.

Events and Activities Representative:

RHA Representative:

Oregon Leadership Conference GSH 117 11/5/16 10:00pm-2:00pm

RHA Finance Representative:

Funding for zumba and Hip Hop Jam were passed

Leadership Representative:


Christmas Movie watch party the weekend before Thanksgiving November 20th

In the Barnhart Library 6:00pm-10:00pm

Figure out who can help set up-Julia and Jocelyn, anybody else

Nela is in charge of Posters and getting the movies together: ELF*,The Santa

Clause, etc.. Posters up by 11/14/16- 2 similar red/green?

Large poster to be put up right under the service center.

McKenzie volunteers to pick up whatever is needed. Shopping: day of event.

Fill out PO. Form for Popcorn, Pizza, Drinks (Hot chocolate and Apple cider),

Christmas cookies, etc…

Snowflakes on walls/other decorations- Mckenzie and Fallon

Budget: $200-$250

Estimated 30-35 people

Delta:  President was late because of food.

Megan was not here.

Plus:    Planned an event and then some.

Plans for the future of Barnhart.

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