Week Five Hall Gov.

Carson Hall Government Minutes

October 24, 2016

Start Time: 8:02 pm

Quorum: 1, 2, 4, 5 Floors Attendance: 25



-Financial Rep: Talked about funding for hip hop and Zumba in general council and how our money is given to us and allocated

Homecoming Float:

-every hall gets a float

-2-4pm on Friday decorating the float outside of carson

-basic supplies is given


-diversity 9

-save the bees 11

Multicultural bees and lgbtq bees


Halloween Party/Mixer Rules & Info:

-Setup starts at 6 easy

-advertisement will be up tomorrow

Senator presentation:

-What: Shower Curtain for tubs

-Need rods and curtains or just one or the other


-Taking a bath would be nice

-Would we have to pay extra for custodial staff to clean?

-Just talk to the CW for the floor and they will put it in!!! yay!!!

Gen Council budget votes:

-in favor of allocations majority rules

General announcments:

-costume contest

-rocky horror film


-trick or treating in the EMU on MONDAY!


-form on orgsync for presentation requests?

-YES! WE will work on that!

Deltas and Plusses:



-audience participation!



End Time: 8:27 pm





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