Week Five Hall Gov.

Walton North Hall Government

Meeting Minutes 10/25/16


Start Time: 8:03 pm

Quorum: Hawthorne, Dyment, DeCou, McAlister

Attendance: 13



  • Names, pronouns, hall


    • Hip Hop Group budget of $199 did not work, got tabled for $225 to be voted on again at the next meeting
    • GSH Zumba class got money approved, will be tabled and voted on at the next meeting
    • Going over the RHA budget for the entire year
    • Election watch party proposal, which conflicts because it’s during our meeting times, proposal to cancel hall government to watch the election instead, voting yes
    • Golf Cart Homecoming, Oct 28th 2-4 pm, Hall competition in the homecoming parade, winner gets $100 and a trophy

Open Forum

  • Halloween Finalization
  • Costume Contest – Joshua & Kiva
    • Poster draft – done!
    • Costume Rubric – done!
    • Prize finalization – Laundry cards are hyped
    • Getting posters out Oct 26th
  • Photo Booth – (Maya) – Need to order the film still
  • DJ Booth
    • Song request poster – done! Hanging up in halls Oct 25th
    • DJ Valko got the part he needed so we are good to go!
  • Snacks – Lindsey
    • Comprehensive list – done! (Both gluten free and vegan snack options)
  • Decorations – Joshua
    • Comprehensive list – done!
    • Abby goes to Fred Meyer on Thursday to get decorations (Joshua, Lindsey, Kiva, Joey, etc. going)
  • Pumpkins – Abby
    • Where are we getting the pumpkins – fake mini pumpkins are a go, from Amazon or Fred Meyers, 50(?), a pack of sharpies, stickers, NO GLITTER
  • Hall Decoration Contest
    • Poster – not done but will be done soon!
    • Judged by buildings/number of doors decorated
  • Diversity Movie Night – Julia Maya Kiva Emma – November 3rd, Outrage, poster soon!
  • Ping Pong Table – Not done yet, but will be done at the next RHA, $249+
  • Homecoming Golf Cart – will be getting basic supplies like streamers, but we want a theme! THEME – Harry Potter or Halloween, using cardboard and paint, 2-hour time frame to decorate the day of, but we can do it beforehand and just attach it once we get there – Going to the parade (Mitchell, Joey, Kiva, Julia etc.) – Decorating/creating decorations (Kiva, Emma, Maya(?))
  • Lead – Results are available through a perusing of the email, Hawthorne — all faucets were under 7 parts per billion, all drinking fountains were under 5 parts per billion (the level for bottled water)



  • Make the posters (for movie night, hall decorating contest)


Delta: Be a bit more prepared for the meetings

Plus:  Shorter than usual! More concise and better at moving throughout topics



End Time: 8:48 pm

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