Week Five Hall Gov.

Barnhart Hall Government

Meeting Minutes


Start Time: 8:00

End Time: 8:56


Exec. Board:












Pumpkin Carving Event from 10/22/16

Had 30 people show up and it went really well.

Homecoming Parade and Decorations

10/28/16 Decorating from 2:00pm-4:00pm and parade is at 5:00pm

Need to figure out prep: wear animal head things. Make a barn that will fit on the

Top with a white picket fence. Paint cardboard. Print largest resolution cartoon

Animals. Megan dressed as a farmer.

Who can be there to help and walk that day:

McKenzie, Lillie, Julia, Jocelyn (help advertise from), Nela, Grace

Help other days of the week

Andrew: Thursday?, Megan: pick up cardboard and animal heads, Fallon

(posters for elevator and pillars)

Find a solution to the slow dropping internet

Megan will see if ResNet can fix it

Events and Activities Representative:

Speed Friending GSH great Room 10/27/16 at 7:00pm

Hamilton Haunted House on 10/28/16 and 10/19/16

Complaints about dining hours being too short. Barnhart Hours are posted wrong.

Megan will found out who she can talk to about it.

RHA Representative:

Zombie tag at 9:00pm at Hamilton West 10/26/16

Hamilton Costume contest 10/27/16

Leadership Representative:

NRHH Social Media Costume Contest 10/28/16- 11/1/16

RHA Finance Representative:

HipHop Jam requested $225 for music FIG from RHA fund- Barnhart Votes yes

Top 40 Zumba Sundays at GSH Great room asking $675 per year- Barnhart voted


Election Watch Party Nov. 8. At EMU crater lake room. Same night as hall gov. Barnhart votes to Cancel

November 8th week’s meeting.

Delta: Conner was bashing Megan last week. Attendance. No Conner and Jeff.

Plus: We all agreed on things. Great Brainstorming. Covered all points.




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