Week Five Hall Gov.

Hamilton East Hall Government


Meeting Minutes


Start time: 8:05

Quorum: Spiller (yes), Robbins (yes), Cedar (yes), Burgess (yes), Collier (no)

Attendance: 10



Hamilton Haunted House

*Oscar and Fiona will update volunteers in GroupMe

*Posters up in Carson and Barnhart


-RHA Rep/Treasurer Updates

*Zumba class and Hip Hop Culture of Race: Vote in favor

*RHA budget: Cake Break, General Res Hall Support, RHA Sponsor budget, Game watch parties, Hamstock, Ducks in Tux, Drag show

*Vote in favor of approving RHA Budget


-Events and Activities Coordinator Updates

*Speed Friending in GSH Great Room 10/27 at 7:00pm “Spoopy Halloween”

*Upcoming Event will be planned for November

*Cake Study Break during finals week (December)

*Election watch party hosted by RHA. Will vote whether or not meeting is canceling next week.


Ham Media

How to spread the word about events/meeting

*Go like Hamilton East Facebook page

*Posters/Fliers/Word of mouth


Event Update

Homecoming Cart (for event on Friday)

*Not sure of supplies that will be provided

*Maybe build our own paper mache duck

*Golf carts will be available from 2-4pm to decorate


-Craft Night

*The EMU offers tie dye, stamp thing, cups and bowls, glass magnets

*Will cost $15 per person

*Create advertisement, then cap # of students after interest


-Hat and Scarf (cold weather gear) Drive

*Possible drop box in residence halls/lounges

*Possible inclusion of other Residence Halls

*Maybe some sort of incentive



-Study night/weekend

*Hamilton East basement

*Try and contact tutoring center

*Target tutors with survey of classes

*Possible food/ connection with “Midnight Pancakes”



Community time/hall inclusion time

Robbins Wednesday at 8

-Spiller Fridays at 8

-Burgess Sunday 8-9

-Cedar Sundays at 5


Roles of RA’s in meetings

A resources for questions and support

-Recruitment for meetings

-Help to plan/advise events


Open Forum

-RHA capital fund can be used for improvements

-HDMI cord


Delta: Easily distracted/going off on a tangent, possible time allotment for each discussion point

Plus: Everyone discussing ideas


End time: 9:01


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