Week Five Hall Gov.

Earl Hall Government Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of Earl Hall duly called on 10/25/16 in Straub 154 commencing at 8:06pm.  Minutes were taken by Leadership Representative, Zac Sippel.


  • This Friday at 8pm – “Speed Friending” in GSH
  • One week from Tuesday: Presidential Election – group consensus to combine Hall Government and watching the presidential election
  • Homecoming Parade this Friday!!!
  • Golf cart decoration from 2-4pm on Friday
  • Parade starts at 5pm

Approval of Finance/Votes:

  • OFFICIAL VOTE: $675 given to weekly Top 40 Zumba (Zumba at the rec)
  • All in favor
  • OFFICIAL VOTE: Hip Hop Jam – $225 given to fund
  • 3 in favor
  • 3 against
  • 2 obstain


Agenda Summary:

  1. Updates
  2. Homecoming

-Float ideas (Giant duck with little ducks behind)

-Group decorating of float on Friday

-Publicizing event around hall to get people to decorate

  1. Narrowing down events

-“Social”/educational event: Election watch party

  1. Decorating
  2. Wrap-up


The meeting was adjourned at 8:49pm by President, Bridget Taylor.


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