Week 4 Hall Gov.

Hamilton East Hall Government


Meeting Minutes


Start time: 8:03

Quorum: Spiller (yes), Robbins (yes), Cedar(yes), Burgess(no), Collier(no)

Attendance: 14





-Hamilton Haunted House

*information meeting Thursday the 20th at 7:30 in the Hamilton East basement

-variety of different jobs

-will need poster-makers, actors, techies,

*Poster making Wednesday in HERO 4-5pm (all hall gov. except RHA rep and Finance rep)

-aim for 2+ posters

* Haunted House will be held Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th from 7-11 pm

* Theme: Fairytales Gone Wrong

*Location: Hamilton East, Cedar Entrance



-General Meeting Announcements

*$100 to buy candy for each of the main Residence Halls Service Centers (Barnhart       Hamilton, Global Scholars Hall, Living Learning Center)

-Finance Rep New Announcements

*“Hip Hop Jam”, has a $2,500 total cost. Only asking $500 from RHA.

-This would be the 3rd event. Any UO student can perform at the event, and it is entirely student run.

-Unanimous “yes” on the event in general, but we want more details, and amend amount if only $500 available in account for term



-Event and Activity Rep Announcements


*GSH Zumba Class

-Open every week in GSH Great Room and is free to all UO students

-Charges $25 per week per term, $225 per whole term.

-Normal attendance on 75-100 students attend each class

-Unanimous “yes”, wants to spend money on it on a per term basis

*Upcoming Events on UO Campus

-Valet Certification 8-9 in Rec Center every Thursday

-Watch party in LLC North on the 21st in 7:00

-Thursday 27th “speed friendship” in GSH Great Room from 7:00-8:00pm

-Anatomy of an Orgasm event in week 6



-Mission Statement for Hamilton East

* “Our goal is to create and maintain a positive and inclusive community”



-Community and Hall Inclusion Time

*each hall has a specific time/day for the hall to network/recreate



-Event Planning

*Homecoming Parade (the weekend of the 28th)

-Hamilton East will get a cart to decorate and drive in the parade

-Decorations should be free, can be made in the HERO

-$125 prize for the best looking cart

-Logistics are unknown at this point.

-3 committed to float decoration

-Possible float themes: Rubber Duck in a bathtub, Duck in a puddle


*Possible Upcoming Events (either social, educational, or service)

-Thanksgiving food drive (service)

-Other drive that addresses other needs besides food, Marjorie works with “Community of Care” which works with menstrual health for homeless people (service)

-Posters that address homeless statistics and possible speaker that is a campus partner. Will aim to do this the week before thanksgiving (November 18th).

-Craft Party. Aim for the November 4th/5th (social)

-Talentless Night. Will postpone this event until Spring Term. (social event)

-Study Weekend. Unsure of date for this. (educational/social)


*Committee for events

-Aim for at least 2 elected officials be on a committee for each event

-Abby and Marjorie for Study Weekend

-Elizabeth and Zari for Craft Party

-Marc and Heather for Drive


Open Forum

Oscar will ask RA’s from Collier for attendance

-Makes sure everyone is in the GroupMe



Delta: Not representation from every hall

Plus: Loose dates for all upcoming Hamilton events
End time: 9:07



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