Week 4 Hall Gov. Minutes

Walton North Hall Government

Meeting Minutes 10/18/16


Start Time: 8:03 pm

Quorum: Hawthorne, Dyment, DeCou, McAlister

Attendance: 17



  • Names, pronouns, hall, and “favorite dance move” Icebreaker


    • Funding Request: from Service Centers for candy bowls
    • Funding Request: Top 40 Zumba, weekly classes @ GSH (GSH is asking), $25/class, 9 classes, $675 total from ResHallSupport – YES
    • Funding Request: UO Hip Hop Jam, FIG concert, local rappers/live artists/DJs, raffles, free food and drinks, expose to history of hip hop, attendance around 350 people, Monday Nov 28th from 7-10, $2500 total from RHA sponsor (can only give out $500 per term) – AMEND to $199
  • New RHA Rep
    • Talk to people and reach out to people not in hall government, but if not, we are able to nominate people already in hall government, Lindsey already nominated

Open Forum

  • Halloween Party, October 31st, 7-10 pm
    • Advertising (Kiva) – poster, Facebook event
    • Costume Contest (Josh) – Judging by applause, Kiva/Josh Emcee, laundry card prizes, costume categories (spookiest, most original/unique, funniest, most elaborate)
    • Photo Booth/Polaroid Photos (Maya) – InstaMax Film 6 packs, 120 photos – $72, camera shifts, white blood splattered backdrop, paper props vs buying props from a store, inventory list
    • DJ Booth (Joey) – DJ Valko, NEED: speakers, microphone, cables, mixer/soundboard, fog machine, laser lights, song request poster
    • Snacks (Lindsey) – $100 budget, chocolate fountain(!!), snacks/drinks list by next week
    • Decorations (Josh) – Spider webs, fog machine, candy corn lights, caution tape, skeletons
    • Pumpkins (Lauren/Mitchell) – painting the pumpkins, mini pumpkins, 35 pumpkins ($1/each @ Trader Joes, Fred Meyer?)
    • Halloween Hall Decorating Contest – announce @ party, posters by Kiva
  • Education Event Planning
    • Diversity Movie Night (Julia/Kiva/Maya/Emma) – Outrage, date/plan by next meeting, snacks (popcorn, drinks, budget tbd)
  • Hall Recruitment
    • Posters, push back Schafer’s community time, hold meeting in Schaefer, door tags, “reverse trick or treating”
  • Ping Pong Table
    • Present it to finance reps, voting, plans need to be set by next Wednesday at 5 pm and funding request form (Nick), get numbers of people interested to Nick by next Tuesday, petitions from hall residents



  • Come with ideas/plans for next week!
  • Game night, more advertisement and word of mouth


Delta: Very long and exhaustive meeting, need to be a bit quicker and precise

Plus: Good discussion and ideas, participation from most parties in hall government


End Time: 9:39



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