Week 4 Hall Gov. Minutes

Carson Hall Government Minutes

October 18, 2016

Start Time: 8:04pm

Quorum: Floors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Attendance: 13



-Program Cord.: set up social media to help advertisement

-RHA Rep: update on what general council is

-Lead Rep.: what are other halls doing

-President: form update

-Events Cord.: update on role; talk to him about event ideas for all halls

-Financial Rep: possible budget proposal conversation for Halloween party

Form Update:

-how to turn in the meeting request form

-box is on president’s board

Social Media:

-Instagram- uocarsonhallgov

-Snapchat- uocarsonhallgov


-Halloween Costume Party/Mixer October 29:

-Costume Contest Party/Mixer

-Prizes for contest


-budget voted on: $212  12 yes; 0 obstain; 0 no

-Sexual Awareness Day:

-awareness about how to protect self during sex

-condom bowls

-go to planned parenthood for help (Maybe 200 condoms)

Gen Council budget votes:

-Hip hop Jam: 10 yes; 1 obstain; 0 no

-zumba event: 10 yes; 0 obstain; 0 no


-Quiet hours for piano downstairs please

-shower curtain for bathtubs

-Introductions for each floor of hall government

Deltas and Plusses:


-More people

-What are we voting on: on social media

-Name tags for exec. Board

-Pictures for exec board in hall


-keeping pace

-attendance was better

End Time: 8:27pm





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