Week 4 Hall Gov. Minutes

Walton South 10.18.2016 START TIME: 8:08 Quorum: Sweester, Adams, Clark (Miles, Mariah, Gabe, Jacob, CJ, and surprise visit from RHA president Danny!) UPDATES: Clark likes ice cream social 2 nd watch party in LLC P Hall is next Friday 7:30pm Oct 21st Speed Friending GSH Great Room 7pm Oct 27th Homecoming parade Oct. 28 or Oct. 29 (parade is at 5pm 13th ST) EVENTS: New Walton South Social Media Page TBD Ice Cream/Cookie Social: Monday Oct 24, 7-8pm Catering: would have to buy based on predicted head count ice cream for each person, several packages $4, $6.50 per head. Would not have to buy toppings Grocery: Party bucket of ice cream 120 oz $5-8 per bucket. Would have to buy toppings. Still need to figure out prices for cookies and toppings Need to get word out to Douglas and Smith Will advertise through posters, post on social media, and word of mouth. VOTED YES ON BUDGET OF $100 Need to generate buzz and interest about golf cart decorations Someone needs to get certified to drive the golf cart Gabe and Jacob will go buy the supplies on Monday before the event. Everyone needs to be in the Smith Lounge 15 minutes early to set up DELTAS/PLUSES: Gabe needs to stop with the crazy eyes and be on time. Miles needs to work on his preparedness and enthusiasm. The meeting needs to be a bit more structured. We need a new events coordinator (not someone in Walton North) Meeting was efficient. Jacob was prepared. We know what we’re going to order, our first event is finalized. END TIME: 8:41

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