Week 4 Hall Gov.

10/18 Hall Gov Meeting Bean

Start Time: 8:00pm

Attendance: Jeremy, Ethan, Bailey, Sebastian, Kim, Lili, Allison, Kimberly, Sarah

Ex Updates:

Lili – schedule conflict, Jackson proxy: for; 10 opposed; 0

Jackson – Halloween candy was passed! RHA: Thanksgiving even, Halloween costume event, and TED talk.

Jeremy – Hamilton house; fairy tales gone wrong. Budget for Halloween candy $100. List of RHA events.

Allison – Barnhart carving pumpkins.


Advisor Updates:

CJ – project agenda, write agenda, email agenda, or paper agenda? — Email?

Two campus partners; faculty fellow/advisor fellow can help us out!

Thornton pizza party; $60




Next Friday at 5pm

Ethan – use hero no hall funds!

Who rides? CJ drives, three people ride. Get ideas!

Decorating 3:30/4?



  • Silent rave
  • Partner up with Eugene and get bus rides to pumpkin patch — too costly?
  • Pumpkin paint off
  • Lounge decoration contest


Time – 10 votes 6-8:30pm Thursday 27th

Festival Party – mini rager one conference (Sebastian/Kim) $100, photo booth – polaroid (Allison) $150, painting pumpkins (Lili/Sarah) $150, bobbing for apples (Bailey and Dude) $50, food in basement (Jackson/Jeremy) 150, movie in other conference (Kimberly) $50

BUDGET; $650 (10 for)


Decorating; Allison, Kimberly, Sarah, Bailey

Kim Ethan – before hand

Posters; Sebastian/Allison


Agenda; snapchat filters



Top 40 Zumba;

UO Hip-Hop Jam;

Vote next week! Finance Rep get more details.


End Time: 9:05

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