Hamilton East Hall Gov.

Hamilton East Hall Government Meeting Minutes October 11th Start time: 8:05 Quorum: Spiller (yes), Robbins (yes), Cedar (yes), Burgess (yes), Collier (no) Attendance: 11 -Introductions/Icebreaker *Names and two semi-interesting facts *”What’s your vision?” -Plans for future events (Fun & Educational) *each hall host an event *Winterfest *Cultural/diversity event *Hall wellness *Sustainability *Canned food drive -Hamilton Haunted House: (28th and 29th) *Pick theme: Brainstorm and voting *Theme: Fairytales Gone Wrong *Advertisement announcement -Open Forum *Set up a GroupMe (Heather took care of it) *Prioritize events *Catalyst conflicts Delta: Not representation from every hall Plus: Completed our first meeting! End time: 9:15

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