Walton South Hall Gov.

Walton South Hall Government

Meeting Minutes


Start Time: 8:06

Quorum: Adams, Sweester, Clark (3/5 of halls present)

Attendance: 5 (CJ, Alex, Mariah, Jacob, Gabe)



Name, Pronouns, Hall, Position

Q of D: What is the origin of your name?


N/A: no one has been to their first meetings for their committees yet!

Funding Request:


Event/Planning Ideas:

Study Session

Holiday Party

Reverse Trick or Treat during Halloween (collection box)

Holden Center hosts a community service day

Movie Night

*Ice Cream/Treat Social*

-Cookie decorating

-baked goods

-Monday October 24th, 7-8pm

*Debate Watch Party (Next week Wed) (Debate Bingo)*

*ideas we’re trying to implement within the first two weeks

Ice Cream & Cookies Social:

Buy list: Pre-made cookies

Cookie decorating stuff (frosting, sprinkles, etc)

Ice cream & toppings (sauces, cones, etc)

Utensils (Quinn has some left over from last year, check inventory)

Hot chocolate/hot cider (maybe)

Treasurer Mariah: Grocery stores options

Programming Coordinator: Jacob: Catering options

Other Updates:

Started a Walton South Hall Government GroupMe


End Time: 8:53













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