Walton North

Walton North Hall Government

Meeting Minutes 10/11/16


Start Time: 8:03 pm

Quorum: Hawthorne, Dyment, DeCou, McAlister

Attendance: 14



  • Names, pronouns, Q of D: “If you could have any pet, what kind of animal would it be?”



  • TREASURER: Current Balance – around $900/this term, money overview, requesting through RHA needs approving through all seven treasurers – needs to benefit all the halls, capital improvement (ping pong tables, improving features of halls is not the same pool of money)
  • Haunted House – walk over to Hamilton’s event, host a costume contest and then got over to Hamilton together, pumpkin carving, overall Halloween party in the basement
    • Action plans – Going to a pumpkin patch or hall government bringing pumpkins here, costume party/competition, DJ Joey, Polaroid picture booth (getting prices), Caramel Apples, baby pumpkins versus carving pumpkins, fake pumpkins, decorations, weekend before Halloween (Thursday? Monday?)
  • Drag Bingo or try to plan other annual event for Walton North
  • Open Mic Night/Coffeehouse Night
  • Talent Show
  • Carnival
  • Winter Olympics


Open Forum

  • Schaefer attendance concerns and brainstorming about ways to get them involved (holding meeting in their lounge, getting RA help)
  • Lead water email updates in Walton
  • Diversity concerns, not enough diversity and representation in halls, address and talk about it – weekly discussions? Educational events? Coming out day/LGBTQIA+ history month projects? Movie showing and discussion?
  • Individual expectations of meetings – ACTION, do things!! Getting others involved, elected officials being present at meetings or send someone in your place to take notes, people need to be at events that we plan
  • Making a google group and calendar, GroupMe



  • Get ideas in for the party by next Tuesday!
    • Costume Party Planning: Joshua
    • Face painting: Lindsey
    • Fake pumpkins: Lauren
  • LGBT History Month Screening – come up with a plan and bring it to the meeting
    • Julia, Maya, Kiva, Emma
  • Weekly dinners


Delta: Getting off track, need more action planning rather than hypotheticals/bouncing ideas off of each other

Plus: lots of ideas, enthusiasm!


End Time: 9:33

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