Hall Government Meeting Minutes 5/20/14

Bean West Hall Government

Meeting Minutes of 20 May

In Attendance: 8


  1. Intros: Favorite Candy
  2. Community service event
    1. Food for lane county (Nick)

i.     Food pantry on 19th instead? (Alex)

ii.     Buy one nonperishable item with points and donate

  1. Knitting baby hats
  1. Fun in the Sun
    1. Posters for a band to play are going up
    2. Dragon bounce house ($400) 11-4ish??? (my bad)
    3. Other games

i.     Sponge

ii.     Bag races

iii.     Etc.

  1. Bbq 6-8

i.     Lots of money (all leftover) and also subsidized by meal points too

  1. Venue: GSH field if larger; or only the courtyard if we choose to make it smaller
  2. The 7th of June
  3. Vote $1065.05 Ayes: 7
  1. Friday Night Hangouts
    1. Vote $150 Ayes: 7
    2. For next event: $50 for pizzas and drinks and such. Ayes: 7
    3. Next weeks: Alex wants to host an open mic to talent search (Alex and Liam)
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