Hall Government Meeting Minutes 5/14/14

Caitlin will be present for set up for carnival stand. 
Need to get a bean bag toss.
Possibly use buckets and balls from hall olympics for Walton North game in place of bean bag toss (ski ball type)
Located now where GHS was 
GSH pulled out of block party
Show up and bring 6 trash cans
Shifts: Levi, Julia and Thien set up, Julia Caitlin and Thien second shift, Sarah and Soraya third shift and clean up. 

Millraise Clean up Saturday 11-3

Cake study break week 9
Massage instead of a movie, 10 minute massages with cake
ELR event

Finance reps, ELRs wanted to do casino night and asked for 1000 dollars but it wasn't passed.
Amendment going through the constitution that there wouldn't be a finance meeting, but there could be an emergency meeting called in the middle of general council meetings to talk about it. 
Talked about having meetings outside of general council.
More constitution edits

End time: 8:32
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