Hall Government Meeting Minutes 5/14/14

5/6 Ham West Meeting Minutes

9 people in attendance

  • RHA

o   TV Proposal is still just chilling

o   Bean Door Policy was passed

o   Allocation

  • Extra money left at the end of the year is given to next year’s exec to be active at the beginning of the year

o   Constitution Edits:

  • Became inclusive
  • Fixed position titles
  • Finance

o   Everything finance related passed except

o   Casino Night Failed

  • Poorly planned and so the finance committee killed it
    • Speaking of poor planning, Finn promised to get a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man for Ham West so he’s going to do that at some point

o   $750 for LLC Block Party prizes and food and stuff

  • ELR


  • Block Party

o   This Friday, everyone will be there at 12:30 except Finn and James

o   The block party is happening between the LLC buildings

o   Someone needs to go to Anna’s office to grab T-shirts before the event

  • Michael will do it

o   Lupe checked in with the Rec center about Twister

  • We need to go there tomorrow morning at 9AM to confirm that it’s not moldy and that we can pick it up at 12:30 on Friday. Michael, Finn, and Pat will be there
  • Future Event

o   May 31st 2-4pm, “End of the Year Soiree!!!” Planning time

  • We want: Otter pops, Music, Fun, Frisbees, Lasso, Stereo, Rec center items (Finn and Michael and Pat will ask for fun stuff when they go), Grapes, Capri Sun, Bomb Pops, Watermelons, Dry-Ice to keep things cold, buckets for storage
    • Freezing problem is tabled until next week
    • Pricing all of this stuff: James will do it
    • Budget: $300 tabled, $250 for food and ice
    • When:  Saturday May 31
    • Who: Anyone who wants to come
    • P.O.: Friday May 30th
    • Where: Market of Choice, Costco
  • Advertising
    • Who: Everyone! We’re going to have our meeting at the HERO
    • When: Tuesday, May 20th at 8PM
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