Hall Government Meeting Minutes 5/14/14

Bean West Hall Government
Meeting Minutes
In Attendance: 8

1. Intro: Plans for summer
2. LLC Block Party
a. This week on Friday
b. Money has been approved
c. The Duck is coming
d. $225 (I’s: 7)
3. Hendricks
a. Thursday the 22
b. $75 allocated for food and drink (I’s: 6)
c. further information needed and communication with Parks and Rec
4. Fun in the Sun
a. Air house
b. Movie at the end possibly
c. Pictures/ Instagram profiles
d. Tug of war, frisbee, crochet
e. Other throwback to childhood games and activities
f. How much for funding (especially predicted food amount needed)
g. Last weekend of school
5. Friday Night Hangout
a. Relay event (possibly)
b. Next week Jacob and Nick

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