Hall Government Meeting Minutes May 6, 2014

Bean West Hall Government

Meeting Minutes

May 6

In Attendance: 5


  1. Intro: If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?
  2. Awkward social event
    1. Went well
    2. Not that big of a turn out though
  3. Randy Sullivan Event
    1. Posters are up
    2. Randy is going to attend
    3. Bean West Conference room 3:30 to 6 on Thursday
  4. Hendricks Park Event
    1. Not set on trash pick up but we are set on Hendricks
    2. 3 hours total (2 hours of service; one hour for picnic)
    3. Not the weekend of the 17th
  5. RHA door policy
    1. Letter sent out to housing
    2. Technically not fire doors
    3. Trying to get doors opened up in bean
  6. LLC block Party
    1. $ 750 requested
    2. weekend of the 17th we wont be throwing a Friday night hangout, instead we are going to help promote the block party
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