Hall Government Meeting Minutes 4/29/14

LLC Hall Government Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2014




RHA Updates: None


Hall Olympics

  • 2pm
  • 5 people there
  • Figuring out event logistics
  • Get points for event, plaque
  • Who can show?

o   Morgan

o   Annie

o   Haley

o   Isaac

o   Namratha

o   Stephanie

  • Prizes?

o   Later date?

o   Gift card, vote next week


Block Party

  • Posters are sexy
  • Where are we doing it?

o   EMU lawn will not work

o   Maybe do both LLC lawns

  • Food: Morgan

o   Do we need to have people sign up?

o   Matt: special offering for that day

o   Do we need to subsidize it?

o   10 points after first 10 people

o   Work with catering to have special event with special of the day instead of grill out thing.

o   Morgan talked with Jacy at catering

o   Misunderstanding

  • Morgan did not submit budget, we can still propose the budget in open forum.
  • Namratha: other hall govs

o   Only 2 responses about Duck: Walton South and someone else

o   Re-emailed: Facebook, structure, duck?

o   Most have said event is totally doable.

  • Our activity

o   Budget to Morgan

o   Dunk Tank: $125

o   Bungee run: $275

o   Destination events

o   Haven’t gotten back

o   Can anyone go to actual venue?

  • Annie will! (What a bro)

o   Cake eating instead of pie eating

  • Who can eat a slice of cake batter
  • $16.99 half sheets from Costco
  • Order this week
  • Timing

o   4-8?

o   Start at 4pm?

o   Put duck on hour 2

o   Dunk tank starts at hour 1 and 2

o   Hall govs need to be there at 3pm

o   Let them know when it is ending

o   5-8pm?

o   Last year they started at 1

o   2-5pm #decision

  • RA

o   Need to ask more people

o   Just have Jan and Chloe so far

  • Budget

o   $750 from RHA

  • Funding food and inflatables
  • Bunting flags
  • Colors!
  • Facebook

o   Need to let people know about what other people are doing

  • Duck vs. Cheerleaders

o   Sam: we don’t need the cheerleaders, it won’t draw people

o   Morgan: it is a draw for people (Max agrees)

o   If we got at least 4 halls to pay for the Duck

  • Inflatables:

o   Most people wanted to do bungee run.

o   They are managed by the people there

o   If we have the cash, we should get a bounce house

o   Max: Bounce house first.

o   Bungee run

o   Matt throws $400 at us, Bouncy house too

  • FOOD

o   Matt talk to Tom

o   Let us know A$AP

  • How many people affect?

o   500 is a brilliant number

  • Figuring out about what Walton S is doing
  • Dunk tank filling
  • Snow cone and popcorn rent for $60
  • Morgan Murphy and the Great Search for the Cotton Candy Machine
  • Volunteering

o   Next week Stephanie will make a sheet of who is working

o   Shift times

o   We can have extra workers


Service Event

  • Mill Race
  • We are added on for that
  • Make posters or fliers
  • Get people to volunteer
  • Cleaning up the creek
  • Who can go (May 17th 11:30 to 3)

o   Isaac

o   Namratha

o   Samuel

o   Annie

o   Haley

o   Morgan

Educational Event

  • Randy Again?
  • Contact dance people
  • They can teach us African Dance
  • If it doesn’t work, talk to Randy
  • Week 8?
  • June 1st


Cotton candy machine from Club Sports


No flags for capture the flag


Sam: Emergency meeting on Thursday for hall Olympics


Need to reserve speakers from HERO




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