Hall Government Meeting Minutes 4/29/14

Meeting start time: 8

Reflect on Hall Olympics for Walton North: went well, we had people stop by and participate.

Have a sign to advertise the event is open to everyone next time

No email sign up next time, some people didn’t receive email

Have just stop by and participate

LLC block party coming up

Waiting on outside party on bean bag toss

LLC is covering all food, we can man stations though to help

LLC covering music

Have the Duck make a show at the carnival with the cheerleaders, split cost among halls

Thien taking photos of event for Bean West

Mill Raise Pond clean up from 11-3 the 17th of May

Block Party, do something to spice up bean bag toss: little bags of candy?

Dress up country like

Funding slate for glowing karaoke, put up posters May 8th 8-11pm

Reilly on May 4th is doing a pancake breakfast

Meeting end time: 8:20

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