Hall Government Meeting Minutes 4/29

4/29 Ham West Meeting Minutes

10 people in attendance

  • Intro
  • Finance Rep

o   Riley’s pancake breakfast was funded for Sunday, May 4th 11-2: all you can eat pancakes and stuff

o   RHA’s Glow in the Dark Karaoke was funded for May 8th from 8-11 in the LLC Performance Hall

  • RHA Rep

o   Zip Car was advertised

o   TV update: McClain is the only hall in Hamilton that can’t have TVs yet, but most everywhere else is good to go

o   Funding Proposal: the $5 more per student passed

o   Budget from LLC Block party should be out next week

  • ELR

o   Glowing Karaoke May 8th, 8-11 in the LLC Performance Hall

o   Everyone please distribute your advertisements posters in your hall

  • Tug of War

o   Program Evaluation

o   We really did it

  • Pat and Andrew are mad at each other because Andrew tried to take Pat’s agenda without asking
  • Block Party

o   We can’t do face paint because it’s taken already

o   What are we going to do instead? We should get a list of events that are already taken from Max. Someone must contact him.

o   List of ideas:

  • Egg toss
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Twister
  • Ball Toss

o   Twister

  • Finn thinks we should do a huge twister event at our booth for the block party

o   Anna thinks we should do a water balloon toss because it will be more accessible

o   Lupe wants to bring therapy dogs but that sounds like a lot of work for us

o   We’re just going to brainstorm a list of events now, and Finn will double check it against the LLC            list. Also tonight we’re going to table money so we can pass it next week.

o   $236.45 tabled unanimously

  • Things to do:

o   How much space do we have at our booth?

o   What events are taken for the block party?

  • Other events for the year?

o   Ideas: Otter pops, yard games, music, food

o   Finn and Andrew are going to buy everything

  • Andrew needs to make a budget because we still don’t know how much money we have
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