Hall Government Meeting Minutes 4/22/14

4/22 Ham West Meeting Minutes

9 people in attendance

  • Finance Rep

o   There was not a single thing

  • RHA Rep

o   Elections happened and there’s a new exec board

  • ELR

o   80’s Bowling Night is this Thursday from 8-?

o   Pickup starts at 7:30

  • Hall Olympics

o   $250 approved 7-0-0 vote

o   Michael picked and awesome trophy and he will order it tomorrow

o   Time: Monday, April 28th at 5pm

o   Advertisements tomorrow at 11am:

  • Mention: Google Doc Sign-up
    • Who: All Residents
    • What: Tug of War
    • When: Monday April 28th at 5pm
    • Where: Humpy Lumpy Lawn
  • How do we advertise in other halls?
    • Good question. Anna will email out to the listserv all of the Google doc links
    • Why can’t RHA do it? RHA is reluctant to put their name on things when the locations and times may change, but they can try to advertise for us now that we have more solid info
    • Anna will wait to send out the Google Docs link because all the halls won’t have solidified times until the presidents’ meeting tomorrow
    • Lupe says should wait to make posters until we know the times of other events so we can put them all on one thing

o   New plan: Tomorrow morning we will make blank posters and then after Wednesday’s presidents’ meeting Lupe will fill in the blanks arguments Thursday

o   The Rope stuff: We don’t have a rope yet because the money was all tabled. Now we’re trying to find a rope that we can pick up because if we get it shipped it won’t be here in time. Anna will check with other pro staff, Finn will check with the Rec center and the Outdoor Program

  • Block Party?

o   Tie-Dye/painting/splatter paint/shirt making booth?

  • What would we do about shirts that have to sit overnight?
    • People can just handle their own shirts after they make them
  • Helen says we would do set up and the event would be low maintenance after that
  • Face paint? Everyone seems content with doing only face paint at our booth

o   Research on face paint and costs: Patrick!

  • Other Events?

o   Relay? No we don’t want to

The end

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