Hall Government Meeting Minutes 4/22/14

Hall Government Meeting Walton North 4/22/14

  • Levi stated what he wanted to change
  • Thien

o   Hall Olympics: need to get stuff from Fred Meyer this Thursday at 4:30 or 5pm

o   Our event is Next Tuesday at 5pm

o   Snacks and sound system ordered

  • Julia

o   ALL the hall government members were at elections

  • Sarah

o   Same as Julia

  • Caitlin

o   Bowling Night this Thursday at 7:30 pick up from Hayward field

  • Levi

o   May 16th LLC Block party-program coordinators meet weekly until the event

o   Levi will figure out how we will get cotton candy

o   May 17th Barnhart Clean-up

  • Garrett

o   Nothing


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